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“Trevor is a great person to work with. He really knows what he is doing. He is very sincere and transparent with his work. Highly recommended!”
Marcela Gamero
Marcela Gamero
Fiscus Capital Funding
“Trevor is very knowledgeable and great to work with!”
Headshot for Sally Gimon wearing a pink top
Sally Gimon
“Trevor's work in veterans and charities group is admirable and much needed.”
headshot of Steven Lantz
Steven Lantz
“Trevor works hard at helping nonprofits raise funds and more easily reach their supporters with his Charity Revolution app. He works hard to help nonprofits of all sizes join the 21st century and use digital media to grow and fundraise.”
Erik Deckers
Erik Deckers
“Trevor G. knows his stuff. He knows compliance. He knows marketing. He knows technology I have had the opportunity to have him help me with my business. Reach out to him!”
Tom Basey
Tom Basey
Basey Insurance
“Trevor is the Ace of Marketing! Great to work with and the Ultimate connector, Trevor always has his client’s best interest in mind.”
Jessie Reid-Nelson
Jessie Reid-Nelson
Life Changing Water Now
“Trevor is very knowledgeable in his industry, and knows how to communicate with his customers in a way that they can understand!”
Annbel Mendoza
Annbel Mendoza
Annbel Mendoza Insurance Solutions
“Trevor is extremely professional and knowledgeable in all things that have to do with the web. He can help you with your brand marketing, websites, accessibility compliance, and so much more.”
Heidi Joyce
Heidi Joyce
Family Escrow & Title
“Trevor is an honest and hardworking individual who is proficient at building relationships and networking the right way. He is a master at all things website and ADA compliance related. He has been very helpful to many small business owners I know.”
Andrea Constantino, BCBA
Andrea Constantino
Andrea Constantino, BCBA
“I recently met Trevor through networking. His story of persevering and building his business the right way is amazing. But what I loved even more was his positive energy and his passion for what he does - and his ability to protect his clients online by marketing the smart way. I look forward to a long-term partnership of building relationships together with Trevor.”
Shane Hicks
Shane Hicks
“Trevor is very knowledgeable in what he does. He goes the extra mile when it comes to helping his customers and making sure everything is completed and correct in a timely matter. You have to have the web person on your side.”
headshot of Claudia Rosenfeld wearing a black top with red and white pattern.
Claudia Rosenfeld
The Lint Surgeon LLC
“Trevor is the man if you are looking for making sure your website is compliant, QR Codes and so much more. He is knowledgeable and from the heart!”
Headshot of Rita wearing a colored top with reds and blues
Rita Karydas
Living Balanced With Rita
“Trevor is very knowledgeable in brand marketing, websites, accessibility & relationship marketing. If you’re overwhelmed trying to stay on top of all things “web”, give Trevor a call.”
Laurie Vork, FNLP
Laurie Vork
Laurie Vork, FNLP
“Trevor is knowledgeable, helpful, Insightful, and practical!.”
Stan Jackson
Stan Jackson
Win With Stan
“Trevor is, without a doubt, the most helpful marketing guy I've met. He gives value each time I talk with him, he gives referrals, he gives, gives, gives ... ”
Nancy Delain
Nancy Delain
Delain Law Office, PLLC
“Trevor had been very helpful to both my wife and myself Arlen leiner!”
Arlen Leiner headshot wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt
Arlen Leiner
“Excellent customer services and support with superb expertise!”
Select Services LLC Icon
Miroslaw Paczuski
“Very responsive at reasonable prices.”
Select Services LLC Icon
Gene Rainone
Verbatim Language Services Inc
“Trevor's approach to the client's needs is very personal. He can help with almost everything about the internet, websites, and marketing. Highly recommend Trevor!”
Kate Kopylova
Kate Kopylova
SMB Alchemist: helping SMB make money, save money and protect them
“Great services.”
Paolo Lafata headshot wearing a chef jacket
Paolo Lafata
Chef Paolo
“Not only is Trevor tremendously knowledgeable, he's able to translate his knowledge to success for his clients. Trevor brings such integrity to everything he does. If you're looking to work with a caring, humble, knowledgeable person who is looking out for your best interest, work with Trevor. Thank you Trevor for all your help!”
Head shot of Lisa Leiner wearing a sleeveless black top with red flower print.
Lisa Leiner
Lisa's Mobile Notary Services
“Here is very professional, knowledgeable, kind and he is so willing to help you and understand your needs. He knows so much and he is very trustworthy. Excellent service!! Thank you Trevor so much for your support.”
head shot of Alheli Sanchez, holding a pen and wearing a white top.
Alheli Sanchez
Mind Body Healing Florida
“Trevor is a down to earth individual who is highly intelligent in the tech world. His business caters to those who are small but have aspirations to grow. He tailors his services to your needs and really cares about his clients.”
headshot of Amanda Hodges
Amanda Hodges
T-Minus Solutions
“I would be honored to highly recommend Trevor. He has a vast knowledge on marketing, website effectiveness and development. He is fun, insightful and supports his clients, business associates towards success. I am happy to be in a networking group together as well. Please reach out to Trevor for your website needs. You will be glad you did. Kindly, Coach Jodie Wallace 3D Perspectives llc”
headshot of Jodie Wallace wearing a pink jacket
Jodie Wallace
3D Perspectives llc
“Knowledgeable and informative. I would highly recommend Trevor for your business needs!”
headshot of Donna Teague wearing a sleeveless red top.
Donna Teague
Firm Foundation Lingerie
“As we both mentor and consult with many small businesses in the Orlando area (and are both staunch supporters of 1 Million Cups), I have great respect for Trevor, and the value he provides to his clients. He brings a unique perspective, is personable, competent, and empathic. Keep on, keepin' on, Trevor!”
Rupert Meghnot
Rupert Meghnot
Virtual Entrepreneur
“Trevor is not just The Web Expert… but a super trustworthy person. If you haven’t met him yet, you’re really missing out an amazing referral partner, and friend.”
RJ Granthon, MBA
RJ Granthon, MBA
Strateverage - Strategic Leverage
“What's a great guy. Very giving & someone you can trust. ”
Headshot of Maureen Montalvo wearing sunglasses
Maureen W Montalvo
“A tactical data scientist that gets results. Up to speed with the latest technologies that drive business and organizational growth. A real asset to any board or investor panel. Highly recommended.”
Jim Blackburn
Jim Blackburn
Jim Blackburn Team, Nexa Mortgage, NMLS 1072866
“I had a great experience working with Trevor Gibbs from Select Services LLC. He was extremely knowledgeable and provided me with valuable insight on how to improve my marketing strategy. His expertise in the web field was incredibly helpful and I felt confident following his advice. He was also an excellent referral partner, introducing me to several new contacts that have been beneficial to our business. I would highly recommend Trevor Gibbs and Select Services LLC for anyone looking to improve their marketing strategy.”
headshot of Michael Fieger wearing a blue suit shirt and grey jacket
Michael Fieger
Devil Dog Marketplace
“I highly recommend Trevor!! He is knowledgeable and has no problem sharing what would work best for you and your business in marketing, reaching more people, how to protect your site from hackers and so much more. Best of all, Trevor is fun and energetic, a delight to talk to. I highly recommend having a 1-on1 zoom with Trevor to see how he can help you in your business. I look forward to working with you!!”
Katie Klenner
Katie Klenner
Community, Income, Vision & Purpose
“Trevor is a good person to work with.”
Steve Ropp
Steve Ropp
“Trevor is a passionate, selfless professional who wants to help businesses thrive without falling victim to avoidable challenges. He also strives to make technology easily accessible for all people.”
headshot of Sarah Vigo wearing a blue top
Sarah Vigo
Aegis Group LLC
“Very knowledgeable and understanding to his clients needs.”
Select Services LLC Icon
Rick Reikenis
Marea Foundation
“Good People. Godly people.”
Ron Stockton
Ron Stockton
Human Trafficking Rescue
“Recommendation based upon Professionalism & knowledge of Marketing strategies + he's a heck of a great guy!”
headshot James Messing wearing a black shirt and tie and a hat
James W. Messing
Van Cura Accounting Solutions
“Trevor is a kind, sincere and supportive business person. He went out of his way to find an opportunity to help another business. He looks for opportunities to help others.”
Sara Im
Sara Im
Sara Im- Smart Healthy Living
“Trevor is very knowledgeable about what you need to make your website ADA compliant.”
Karen Davis-Jennings
Karen Davis-Jennings
“I met Trevor through online networking, and I'm so glad that I did! Trevor is a wealth of information, and has such a great sense of humor that he's a joy to be around. We have worked on several collaborations, and he always goes above and beyond in bringing valuable information and referrals! I highly recommend Select Services LLC - Charity Revolution ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”
headshot of Mona Giordano wearing an animal print top
Mona Giordano
Social Media 101 Coach
“Trevor is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, particularly with ADA rules and staying compliant. I recommend him highly!”
Beth Hill Poulin
Beth Hill Poulin
Socks on the Dock/Voxxlife
“Understanding the need to market your organization, but realizing as a charity, your financial priority is to use your donations with an emphasis on getting the most from every dollar, is a daunting task. This is where Trevor can help you the most. I've met Trevor and what I can tell you is, his top priority is to provide the best recommendations he can. His gain is secondary. So if you're looking for a way to tell the world what you hope to achieve and increase your funding opportunities in the process. you should contact Trevor - today.”
Mario L Castellanos
Mario L Castellanos
Mystery on Main Street
“Trevor is respectful, fun, and friendly. I appreciate him for acknowledging the challenges of owning a business, and for being so patient with me so I fully understood what I needed to know. He was also so patient waiting for me to make a decision. I am thankful for all he educated me about and the time he respectfully took to care about my concerns. He helped me greatly in determining my needs for my business. I highly recommend Trevor.”
Susan M Husa, CPCC
Susan M Husa, CPCC
Animate Life Coaching
“He is a Main Street Mentor doing great work!”
Scale Up CoConnect Killeen
Scale Up CoConnect Killeen
“Trevor has a wonderful heart, and is an absolutely lovely person. He spends all of his time working to benefit charities & non-profits, fighting for the little guy & the underseen on issues such as access to the internet for disabled persons. I would absolutely recommend having a conversation with him. You won't regret it.”
Jorge Castro
Jorge Castro
DiscoverMe- Websites for Small Business
“Trevor has been wonderful to connect with, as he had several recommendations for me and my company.”
Kimberly Tromatore
Kimberly Tromatore
Partner at Pinnacle Elite
“Highly recommend!”
headshot of Connie Russo wearing a black jacket
Connie Russo
Superfitkidz Foundation
“Treavor Gibbs Charity Revolution supports 1/2 Billion People worldwide with Hearing Loss. His business of being of service and providing Audits for Business owners Website to be American Disabilities Acts compliant. I have had several successful meetings with Trevor and he always has Suggestions and Solutions . Yes I vote for Treavor Gibbs Charity Revolution.”
Headshot of Marianne Ambrose where a white top and cap
Marianne L. Ambrose
Marianne Of Waikiki LLC
“Trevor is such an amazing individual. Not only is he professional in the approach he uses to grow your business as well as protect it by ensuring that all the intricate detail of compliance are taken care of. That results in amazing peace of mind. He is also mindful of the mindset shift necessary to achieve higher levels of success. Not only is he very articulate in explaining it he is also an example in living it. Highly recommended.”
Francois Lupien
How To Become More
“I have no problem recommending this amazing entrepreneur. He is a servant from heart putting always his clients needs before anything! Totally recommendable.”
Ana Dominguez Shaw
Ana Dominguez Shaw
BABEL Networking
“Trevor is a true source for help getting your website ADA Compliant. If you don't know if your website is Compliant, reach out to him & he'll be able to help.”
Nikole Myers
Nikole Myers
Green Compass, Inc.
“Trevor and his organization are awesome. Please support him and his efforts! ”
Philomena Moncoeur
Philomena Moncoeur
Thryv Business Advisor
“Extremely knowledgeable.”
Nick Grounds
Nick Grounds
British American Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida
“Commited, hard worker.”
Kitti McKay
Kitti McKay
Clutter Solutions by Kitti
“Community Pay it Forward Fundraising and Charity Revolution are working side by side to help people and organizations trying to navigate the waters of fundraising and 501c3 creation. We are looking to guide people through the tough times and come out the and more confident about helping others. Trevor deserves this recognition for all the great things he does.”
Zak Clayton
Zak Clayton
Community Pay It Forward
“ Yes, he created my app and I feel confident that it will separate me from the rest.”
headshot of Regina Nunnally
Regina Nunnally
See The World Thru My Eyes
“Excellent service and value.”
Headshot of Elizabeth Gifford Maffei, wearing a blue and white patterned dress
Elizabeth Gifford Maffei
BEmpowerfulU LLC
“Trevor is absolutely wonderful to work with. He understands your business needs and is flexible to work with you to get the best results for you and your company. I highly recommend Trevor not just for his customer service but also for his product!”
Headshot of Samantha Foster with company logo of a lighthouse behind her
Samantha Foster
Lifehouse Project, Inc.
“Trevor was invaluable in assisting me with the non-profit I am involved with. He is thorough and expedient and his affability and professional demeanor make him a joy to work with.”
Maria Rowley
Maria Rowley
“Trevor is generous with his time and attention. Always open to having conversation and sharing his possibility of service to your organization. Trevor is such a pleasure to work with.”
headshot of Christine Kilavos wearing a black dress and a white car parked behind her.
Christine Kilavos
“Integrity, cares about his community and demonstrates a professional and thoughtful approach to every project.”
Headshot of Bob Beck wearing a formal blue shirt with a tie.
Bob Beck
Minding My Business LLC
“Trevor is a wealth of knowledge, offers a great service and an all around great guy”
Michael Robidoux
Michael Robidoux
Legal Shield Business Solutions
“Best Service ever.”
Sam Silva
Sam Silva
EZ access Medicare / Insurance
“Trevor is a pleasure to work with and most importantly, he delivers great client/constuent engagement value.”
Alpesh M Patel
Alpesh M Patel
“Trevor is a great person to work with. Not only dose he do some incredible charity work but he also has help an organization I work with Crema De Nona create an app that list all the members with one touch call and email options. Trevor is extremely talented.”
Headshot of Tony Busby wearing a Black suit jacket with white shirt and red tie
Tony Busby
Great Florida Insurance
“Very professional and helpful.”
headshot of Cynthia Aebli
Cynthia Aebli, Rph, CPh
Pharmacy Management and Consulting
“Trevor has the ability to read between the lines and determine when a client is not compliant, many times when they believe they are. A very talented and critical person to any business ... highly recommended.”
Headshot of Denny Kurir wearing a suit jacket and tie
Pdg Denny Kurir
Kurir Family LLC
“He really understands your needs to want to make your client/customer service a good experience.”
headshot of Millisen Griffin wearing a suit
Millisen Griffin
Everyone Matters to Human Resources (EM2HR)
“I've worked with Trevor in community. He has a very clear vision to connect community with customers, where service and revenue benefits the community. His approach and app makes things simple and seamless in integrating and including all kinds of business and professionals.”
Monica Heiz
Monica Heiz
“I worked with Trevor and found him professional and always willing to go an extra mile. Truly a pleasure and positive experience.”
headshot of Kelly Hodges
Kelly Hodges
Kids and Canines
“Trevor is amazing at what he creates for his clients. He really knows how to listen to them and give them exactly what they want.”
headshot of Tuesday Goodson
Tuesday Goodson
“Trevor is a Go Giver!!!!”
headshot of Neal Kimball wearing a suit and tie
Neal Kimball
Good Dog Training Village and Family Table Time
“Great to work with! Really understand digital marketing and work with you to reach your goals whether they are increasing revenue, reaching new donors or clients or increasing your online presence.”
Jennifer Cowden
Jennifer Cowden
DFC Events
“Trevor is great at working with non profits and has amazing software to grow your business.”
Melissa Wing
Melissa Wing
Thryv Business Advisor
“Trevor is the best in his industry.”
headshot of Shay Manibog wearing a pink shirt
Shay Manibog
TriDialogue Mediation
“He is Z Web Expert!!!”
Headshot of Mr. Z wearing a Black suit jacket with a white shirt and red tie.
Mr. Z
Z World Webs


We do not accept calls if there is no caller id and to filter out robot calls, unsolicited calls, and spams you may find that you will need to leave a message on our voicemail, alternatively we would suggest using SMS, or one of the other options available on this page.


Oh, Hi there, I hope you are well! Thank you for visiting my profile and contact page today.

I see that you are looking to know a little more about me, well. I am Trevor Gibbs, and I have been specializing in marketing services since 2000. I help businesses, charities, professionals, and solo entrepreneurs to set themselves apart with their effective digital marketing tools, build their relationship marketing strategies or even your own mobile app.

Since then, I have helped large corporations and nonprofits improve their branding and engagement strategies. I am passionate about encouraging local community businesses and charities to thrive and foster greater relationships with their current and future clients as well as donors and supporters. I look forward to helping you to protect and serve your brand.

On the personal side, I originate from Cheltenham Spa in England, where I grew up, studied, and harnessed my most of my skills in various industries. In 2004 after getting married, I moved to Brazil with my wife. We regularly go back there, spending time on vacations, and working from there – well as you know everyone can work from home since the covid era, and virtually everything works online these days.

In 2014 we established ourselves in Orlando, FL, which allowed me to focus the business on helping local charities and businesses by offering various solutions and services to build their relationship marketing strategies.

Some of these services I am sure you have seen on my website if not please look at some of our other pages on this site.

You may ask why I do this, and it all comes down to one of my clients having a legal dispute with their website not being compliant or accessible. Being a non-profit during the Covid era, and with limited income, we supplied a solution that continues to protect them each day and gives them peace of mind they are complaint not only with ADA but with some additional requirements they were not aware of which was a required.

This is when I became an accessibility solutions specialist helping other businesses and nonprofits with similar situations. During the covid era when many people started looking at ways to make money while not at work and found that raising legal disputes against businesses was a way they chose to go. Still, today this litigious trend is overgrowing and puts so many unaware businesses at risk

I realized I had the resources to help and protect small businesses and charities; hence, the Web Detective was born to help serve and protect your brand.

I look forward to connecting with you, and please use one of the contact options on the contact page here on this site.

Please continue enjoying looking around the rest of my site and have great remainder of your day.

Database Marketing

Marketing effectively with data

Database marketing is a strategy that involves using customer and prospect data to drive targeted marketing campaigns. By analyzing and segmenting your customer data, businesses can create personalized marketing messages and offers that are more likely to resonate with their audience. This type of marketing can be highly effective, as it allows businesses to reach their target audience with relevant and personalized messages

The most common type of messages are sent via email, and printed materials. Although open rates can vary and often may not get read at all, the results can still be profitable as you only need a few responders for ROI. This is why it’s the most popular marketing strategy used as the cost per lead is low compared to most digital platforms and advertising.

SMS Reputation

Reputation Management

How important is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is crucial for small businesses as it can significantly impact their success or failure. Before anyone does business with a company or business, they get Google checked first. On average, 8 out of 10 people look at reviews of businesses before engaging or to establish the brand and service reputation

A good reputation helps building trust with customers, which leads to repeat business, positive reviews, and referrals. On the other hand, a negative reputation can deter potential customers and lead to a decrease in sales. Getting a 3-star review can take on average Twenty-Six 5-star reviews to equal that one 3-star review.

With the rise of online review platforms, social media, and other digital channels, small businesses need to actively manage their online reputation. This includes monitoring reviews, responding to feedback, addressing negative comments, and showcasing positive customer experiences. The most dangerous impact that a business owner can have on their business, is to never reply to a given review whether it’s good or bad. Especially bad reviews.

Mobile Marketing

What is SMS Marketing?

Short messaging service SMS also commonly referred to as Text messaging or texting. Many small businesses don’t realize how using a SMS service can work on many levels.

An SMS message has an engagement rate of 45% whereas emails average around 6%, this is why so many businesses are finding ways to engage via SMS to drive conversations and business.

Businesses can use SMS to help boost times in their business when trade is slow with popup sales or discounted products or services Any business being proactive and gathering opt-in cellphone numbers of their clients to subscribe to news and upcoming events, can soon be marketing to hundreds or thousands of people within seconds

Everyone loves a discount and when your store or restaurant has quiet times this is when you can entice people for a limited time offer during that period of the day.

It is important to point out that SMS services do not just allow you to randomly send out unsolicited text messages to everyone’s phone number you have. You must create a subscription opt-in environment, this will allow people to send a stop message when they no longer want your message but also prevent you or your business receiving fines for sending out unsolicited messages.

If you are considering using SMS in your business or have any questions, please reach out to us via our contact page.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile First – what does this mean to you.

You may have heard the term “Mobile First”, and should you be concerned about it or even if your website is mobile friendly?

Well actually you should be, considering that 7 out of 10 people use mobile devices to browse websites and ask search engines to find online content from their mobile device. In 2023, Google also checked websites for being Alexa or Siri compatible, VEO Voice Engine Optimization

The first tip we will tell you is that your website needs to be mobile friendly, this means that the design of your website might look perfect on your desktop but might not be so wonderful on a small screen. To be Mobile Friendly your site will need to render correctly and should be displayed on all sizes of mobile screens.

If you are interested in ranking your website using SEO and indexing terms, generating results that show on the first pages of google searches, you will need to start with your website being designed to be shown on mobile screens. Google indexing starts testing your site as a mobile device first and then will test as a desktop version. Hence mobile first websites.

Take a free test and see how well your site ranks for mobile first. Google has a page that tests the loading speed of each page of your website, so it can be tested for its responsiveness when loading on a mobile device. This would be a great way to make sure your website is ranked and ready for mobile marketing by being a mobile first website.

About Select Services

Over the last 2 decades we have enjoyed helping small businesses and non-profits within the central Florida corridor to better engage with their audiences, growing their brand and marketing outreach. We have been elevating businesses in primarily in the Orlando areas, and over the last few years have expanded our services to clients in the Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg, and expanded across to the Space Coast in Daytona, Port Orange and Cocoa Beach areas

If you or your business have not recently updated its marketing strategies, you could potentially be losing out on market share to newer and constantly changing marketing practices.

We find you the best tools to create impact for your needs from day one and continue to grow you and your business through these forever changing marketing and industry advancements.

Whether you are looking at Big Data Scenarios, paid advertising or starting off from ground zero with a limited budget we have a solution that you can use today to expand your marketing reach into your local area.

Do you have the time and knowledge to do it yourself?

Our services are completely based on the goals for your business needs as it stands today, growing a business takes time and we understand that. We do not over sell you services that you need tomorrow. We provide you with the ones you need today.

Small businesses are trying hard to build an online presence and the first place you should dominate is your local area. Today’s trends shows us that people are looking for businesses and services that are local to them and are available now.

Allow us to take that burden of marketing and work with you to grow your business. Business are more effective doing their business and we are more effective at marketing your business.

You want your business to grow and that is what we want also, after all we are growing our business each day with the clients we work with, meaning we use the same strategies and tools that we recommend to you.

Your business is a service provider that builds relationships, and this is the same as your marketing strategies. If you are not building a relationship you are not going to sell directly to an audience that you do not know or don’t know you.

Firstly, you need to know what your potential market audience is looking for and by selecting a few appropriate key words mentioning about who and where you do business is going to help search results identify your business as the best results.

Contracts, Projects, or Ad-hoc Tasks

The type of work you need help with doesn’t define who we work with.

If you need continued help and services, we can serve you and your business to continue to grow its online identity and marketing services

These types of services could include:

  • Website compliance
  • Branding and marketing services such as online reputation
  • Google business page
  • Schema
  • SEO requirements

What about if you only need an amendment or a small job, yes, we can help you with these tasks as well, that could be

  • QR codes – simple and dynamic
  • Artistic logo or logo update
  • Website Audit of content changes to your marketing materials
  • Zoom Backgrounds
  • Data Lists, creation, cleaning, updating, or deduping

We serve your brand and your business, so you gain better online presence and recognition.

We help you to grow, we don’t grow our business off the back of yours or only by working with larger corporations and brands.

Who We Help

Being a small business owner, we understand that all business need marketing services but don’t have a large budget for marketing especially in the early years of business.

We provide solutions that fit any budget. If you need a small one task or something that requires a more involved project we can help

We offer solutions for the solo-entrepreneur, small to medium size businesses whether they are a startup or established, who need a lifting hand with some additional business, marketing, or administrative tasks.

We are also passionate about helping the smaller and medium size non-profits and fully understand that charities work differently from a traditional business. We have a dedicated division that have been serving small and national non-profits for over 20 years. Check out Charity Revolution for more details.

How We Got Started

Started as a traditional marketing company over 22 years ago that focused on helping businesses and non-profits to build their online databases to foster better relationships with their clients and supporters. Created a permission based databased that allowed for targeting and profiling, before the introduction of GDPR or data privacy polies, we provided a fully opt-in targeted data for mail and emailing.

During Covid19, we expanded our services to include ADA website compliance, today this has become a hot topic for businesses to be more inclusive and accessible whilst avoiding lawsuits and demand letters

This happened to one of my clients, who was being threatened with an ADA lawsuit. Being a non-profit during Covid with limited income, we supplied a solution that continues to protect them each day and gives them peace of mind they are complaint not only with ADA but with some additional requirements they were not aware of which was a required.

Today we offer full service and protection to all businesses, professionals, solo entrepreneurs, and non-profits. Being a small business owner as well as helping smaller business, we understand that all business need marketing services but don’t have a large budget for marketing especially in the early years of business. We provide solutions that fit any budget.

Our Ethos and Promise to You

Why should you allow us to serve and protect your brand.

We believe in our ethos, that if we cannot be open, honest, and transparent about providing a professional digital service then we don’t deserve your business

Marketing should be considered an investment to your overall business, just by starting today your business will grow and thrive. We help you to identify where you should focus your efforts and resources before jumping into the huge marketing arena and spending on services that you may not be prepared for.

Business administration and management is an area that most businesses cannot afford to run full time, and this is where our services can help you to run your business while we focus on ways to improve your business operations allowing you to do what you are best at, running your business to be successful.

What We Do

Every small business needs to learn about cost cutting and outsourcing to remain competitive, Select Services provides a variety of business and marketing services to help businesses outsource their requirements to trained and professional experts. We have been implementing effective marketing strategies that utilize various digital channels including:

  • Relationship marketing
  • Social media engagement
  • SMS text messaging services
  • Mobile apps usingprogressive web applications (PWA)
  • Email and Database Marketing
  • Branding and identity
  • Reputation management
We are here to help businesses reach larger audiences by increasing their online presence and visibility to grow traffic and leads. We provide services that are cost effective and timely delivered to aid your business to meet its requirements enabling growth and exposure without having to hire permanent staff.